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Here are only a few of the ways the Town Planner is a smart investment for your advertising dollar:

  • Keeps your message on display every day!

  • Direct mail Print and Digital program reaches all of your customers and potential customers

  • You are in good company!  Thousands of sponsors currently include Town Planner in their marketing budgets

  • Local surveys by the VeraFast Corporation tell us 86.4% of local families keep and use their Town Planner

  •  Longest visible shelf life as compared to other media

  • Flexible monthly ad copy for seasonal promotions

  • Build goodwill and top of mind awareness in your target communities

Supported by an array of digital tools: website, weekly newsletter, and mobile app

And while we have several program options designed to fit every businesses budget, our most popular program includes:

  •  6 months of coupon or display advertising and six months pf promotional advertising - Print exposure every month/ all year long in your direct mail community print calendar


  • 12 months of coupon or display advertising on our website and mobile app

  • 12 months of coupon or display advertising in our weekly email newsletter

  • A "welcome New Town Planner sponsor" press release with photo article on our website, mobile app, weekly email newsletter and social media feeds.

  • Even postings and special announcements in print calendar and website website, mobile app, weekly email newsletter and social media feeds.

  • A return on investment

  • All for about what a cup of your morning coffee would cost!

Don't take our word for it. We'd rather have you hear from our sponsors.

Phone:  301-729-2940

Email:  TristateTownPlanner@gmail.com

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