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Check out Our short video explaining the features and benefits!


The Town Planner Print & Digital program is the "foundation" for ALL your media exposure. With our constant visibility in the home with our print calendar and on the go with our digital components we are building brand awareness for your business 24/7, and delivering measurable results!


PRINT.  Being the center point of family activity makes the Town Planner print calendar a perfect place for your business or organization to be seen and referenced. Beautiful local photography, useful community information, important phone numbers, and local money saving coupons all make this calendar useful to families in the communities we serve.

DIGITAL.  Our website and mobile app feature all of the benefits of the print calendar, and makes it easy for your community to check events, click on advertiser’s links and print coupons on the go.  And we complement it all with a weekly email newsletter, and social media feeds to make sure our advertiser's message is in front of their audience!

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Town Planner Print & Digital Program

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Here are only a few of the ways the Town Planner is a smart investment for your advertising dollar:

  • Keeps your message on display every day!

  • Direct mail Print and Digital program reaches all of your customers and potential customers

  • You are in good company!  Thousands of sponsors currently include Town Planner in their marketing budgets

  • Local surveys by the VeraFast Corporation tell us 84.4% of local families keep and use their Town Planner

  • Over 105,000 local visits every month!

  •  Longest visible shelf life as compared to other media

  • Flexible monthly ad copy for seasonal promotions

  • Build goodwill and top of mind awareness in your target communities

  • Supported by an array of digital tools: website, weekly newsletter, and mobile app and social media


And while we have several program options designed to fit every businesses budget, our most popular program includes:

  • 6 months of coupon or display advertising (every other month)in your direct mail community print calendar

  • 12 months of coupon or display advertising on our website and mobile app

  • 12 months of coupon or display advertising in our weekly email newsletter.

  • A "welcome New Town Planner sponsor" press release with photo article on our website, mobile app, weekly email newsletter and social media feeds.

  • Even postings and special announcements in print calendar and website website, mobile app, weekly email newsletter and social media feeds.

  • A return on investment

  • All for about the cost of your morning coffee!


Phone:  304-813-7093


Reserve Your Spot this month and get the rest of 2023 Digital advertising FREE!

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