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How the Town Planner Coupon Program Increases Sales and Profits for Businesses Just Like Yours

Our UN-conventional coupon program:  Unlike conventional coupons that have a short “shelf life” and where the buying decision to keep the mailer is often made over the trash can, or when quickly flipping the page in a booklet or newspaper, Town Planner coupons  are hung up in full view all month long for full consideration! 

And unlike conventional coupons where most of the redemption comes from existing customers, Town Planner’s daily exposure drives many NEW Customers to try your business as well!

And our  UN-conventional coupon program works so well, we even guarantee it!


Our website Coupons:  The Town Planner’s new mobile friendly website incorporates the best of the print calendar and takes it to the next level of convenience.  Not only do we place more events on the website (and this content is what drives many people to visit)  but we encourage the community to submit and share via social media their own events.

Printable coupons:  Your coupons can also be available on our website as printable coupons.  This additional convenience for the community drives additional sales to your business.  And folks can easily one-click share your coupons to social media accounts and pages.   Additionally you can place specials, your business events, etc. on our website at no additional charge.  And everything is linked back to your website (or Facebook page) to help increase your businesses' exposure and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Our email newsletter:  We raised the bar!  As great as our Town Planner program is, we don’t sit and wait for people to use our calendar or visit our website.  We send a weekly email newsletter to over 10,000 local subscribers with lists of things to do in your community and include your One Click printable (and sharable) coupons, making it easy for folks to do business with you. And this  e-newsletter is often shared on social media furthering our, (and your) reach.


Coupons on The Web

Coupons aren't just  on your calendar, but also exist on the web on

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