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  • How is the Town Planner print calendar delivered?
    The calendar is delivered to households within your community by the US Postal Service in December. Additional copies are available at participating advertising sponsors, Chambers of Commerce, tourist offices and more!
  • When can my digital/web portion of the program start?
    Immediately. That is one of the benefits of our “MAILBOX to INBOX” program, your website tile ads, printable coupons, event postings and socail medai sharing can begin immediately!
  • Can I do different ads for different months?
    Absolutely. Whether coupons or branding display ads, we can design different ads relevant to your businesses' needs.
  • Can I place  promotional/ commercial-type events on the Town Planner print calendar website, mobile app and weekly email newsletter?"
    Yes, as an advertising sponsor. Promotional events are available only to our advertising sponsors and are a good way to let your community know about your specials, events, ribbon cuttings, sales, etc.
  • I am not very computer savy and/or do not have the time.  Can you place events, coupons, etc for me?"
    Yes. We have a dedicated individual located at our office in Cumberland who updates our website, events, and our e-news daily and is happy to do the "back-end" promotions for our advertising sponsors. We will even set up yur directory information that can help with yur SEO and help you get found in web searches!
  • How much does a program cost?
    We have a myriad of options and combinations designed to meet each business’ needs and budget. All of our program options include ads on the print calendar, website, mobile app, and e-newsletter for less than the cost of a large coffee daily. To receive a no obligation price quote click here
  • Your program seems rather inexpensive, especially considering all that is included.  How can you do it all for such a reasonable investment?"
    Yes you do get a lot for small investment! We maintain the quality of our cooperative direct mail and digital program because we are part of a larger network that includes 40+ Town Planner publishers producing over 3 million calendars nationally to over 300 different communites. This “franchise process” and economy of scale means proven successful business practices with low production costs.
  • I am not a coupon type business,  How will the program work for me?"
    People hang up and use the calendar and website because of the usefulness of the calendar; large date blocks, local events, beautiful photography, and money saving coupons. These factors make the calendar and website a great place to put your display ads and for your ads to be seen frequently. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see some examples of branding ad testimonials.
  • I tried coupons before and they did not work?
    Many of our satisfied customers initially said the same thing. The difference is our coupons hang on the wall all-day every day, giving our clients a much better chance of coupons being considered and used! And our digital complement keeps the offer and business in front of more people! Which means not only do our advertising sponsors' coupons get used by existing customers (rewarding them for returning) but by the ever-important new customers as well, which is vital to business growth! But hey, don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about our coupon program. Still not convinced? How does a 110% Guarantee sound? We are so confident and our experience shows (did we mention that we have been doing this here in the Tri State area for 17 years) that we know what offers for what types of business work. Contact us for details.
  • Can I do different coupon offers?
    Absolutely, and we can help show you what has worked for other business nationally, just like yours.
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