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The direct mail print calendar is the core of our program that is complemented with a our interactive website, award winning email newsletter and mobile app!

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Print Calendar Features


· Direct mailed to households in your community!

· Various types of display ads for branding and   

     name recognition and/or coupons for call-to-action!

· Local area events and school schedules

· Full color local photography

· Large date blocks for writing appointments

· Advertising sponsors promotional events

· Money Saving coupons 

· Frequently called phone number directory on back cover

· Valued Gift

· Choose from quarterly, every other month, or monthly

      programs (all include website and e-news)!

The QR Connection.   Now you can add QR codes to your ad which makes it easy for customers to point their smart phone at their print calendar which then takes them directly to your website or social media page!


Which means to you….


That folks in your community hang up and use the calendar.  It is not thrown away like most conventional print advertising.

Your ad is in full view of every member in the household 24/7.


Your ad hanging in full view makes it easy for folks to do

business with you.  Your contact information is hanging right there in full view in the family kitchen.

Goodwill.  The Town Planner and our website are provided FREE, to the residents of our communities, complements of our  advertising sponsors.  Not only a great advertising tool, but a gift that your community appreciates and uses!  This goodwill sponsorship means more business!


Cost effective.  The Cooperative direct mail program has all of the sponsors sharing the cost of production and  distribution. And, as a national franchise, sponsors benefit from an economy of scale of 40 + publishers producing over 4 million calendars.


Results.  The Town Planner print and digital program works.  Buy hey, don’t take our word for it.  See our  testimonials

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